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Over Besseggen, to the top of Knutshø or to one of Jotunheimen’s many peaks that tower 2,000 metres above sea level. Here you will find practical information about parking, boats and catering at Gjendeosen.


Where should I park my car?


I'm going to take the Gjendebåten boat - but where can I buy a ticket?


Where can I buy something to eat before the trip, and maybe an ice cream after the trip?


I want to hike over Besseggen - but I’m not sure of the route and what I should put in my backpack?


How to get to Gjende

GPS: Latitude: 61.4953095 , longitude: 8.8089954


Visit Gjende

Visit Gjende is under construction. This website is operated by Besseggen 1743, and we plan to gather more information about what you can see and do in the heart of Jotunheimen, making it easy for our visitors to find information about where to stay, where to eat and what to experience.